13 Unique Cincinnati Boutiques to Shop for Mother’s Day – 2021

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If you want to get Mom something she’ll adore this year, then shop at one of these unique Cincinnati boutiques!
Mother’s Day is like a mini Christmas for mamas – but maybe I’m biased since I’m a fairly new mother.

My 3-year-old son won’t be able to shop at any of these local gems, but I adore the artificial plant he gave me last year!
For the rest of you, the pressure is on! With this list of unique shops in Cincinnati, you’ll find a special gift that Mom will cherish and never forget (or that will make a great regift).

1. Lentz and Company

Take a trip to the Gaslight District in Clifton to Lentz and Company if your mom is artsy, in need of furniture, or just loves all things vintage. Go on a treasure hunt for that perfect gift that is bound to be just as delightful as giving it.
Choose from retro kitchenware and bar accessories, eclectic jewelry, vintage furniture, and carefully curated kitsch.

vintage furniture boutique cincinnati

2. Enchanted Moments

Milford’s charming Main Street is the home to Enchanted Moments, a fully-stocked metaphysical shop. This spot is for the moms who burn incense and carry crystals in their pockets.
Not only can you find a unique deck of oracle cards or an obscure book, but you could purchase an intuitive service for Mom! A tarot reading, palm reading, or reiki session could be just the thing that rejuvenates her.

3. Hail-Records and Oddities

To quote their website, Hail Records & Oddities is “a record store gone weird!”

Does your mom have a dark side? Let her revel in her weirdness by picking up something off the wall at Hail-Records and Oddities!
When I say weird, I mean weird, and also kind of creepy. Come face-to-face with taxidermy animals, bones, Ouija boards, and I kid you not, there is a category called wet specimens…

unique boutique in Cincinnati Hail Records and Oddities

On the not-so-weird side, you’ve got crystals, jewelry, books, and of course, records! Stroll through the MainStrasse Village District of Covington, and pick up an oddity.

4. Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is a beautiful eclectic shop for moms who love African art and heritage. Find art, musical instruments, clothing, jewelry, books, and more. I found the most beautiful hand-carved wood sculptures that would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift!
Think of how meaningful it would be to receive a gift celebrating your heritage and legacy. That is truly unforgettable.

5. Bloodline Merchants

Bloodline Merchants is another store that is for the artsy moms, or a mom in need of furniture.

If you have siblings, why not go in on a new chair for the hero that birthed y’all? Bloodline Merchants specializes in vintage and antique furniture and homewares.

You can pick up this set of four Chinese Ming Shiwan Style Hexagonal Vases for Mom right now, if you want to save a trip!


If those antique vases aren’t your Mom’s style, maybe she could use a cocktail tray or a bamboo side table to add to her collection.

They are located in historic OTR, and if you can’t make it during their short business hours, they are available by appointment.

6. The Hansa Guild Co.

If your mother is a hat or moccasin person, then the Hansa Guild Co. is the spot for you. Also located in the Gaslight District in Clifton, the Hansa Guild Co. has been serving the community for over 24 years.

Find a variety of footwear, sweaters, rugs, jewelry, and accessories in this local small business.

7. Alley Boutique

Is your mom a fashionista? Alley Boutique in Downtown Historic Loveland could solve all your Mother’s Day needs in one stop!

joy susan totes at alley boutique loveland cincinnati

From coats to jewelry, dresses to blouses, this boutique will not disappoint. Their stock changes often, so if you don’t find the Joy Susan totes above, you’ll have no problem finding your stylish Mom an awesome gift.

Check them out near the Loveland Bike Trail.

8. Capsule Woman

Is Mom in need of some essential clothing items? Maybe she just got a new job, or her weight has changed.

The concept behind Capsule Woman is that every woman needs a “capsule” of foundational clothing items suited to her needs.

These pieces are versatile and can mix and match to create several different looks.
Capsule Woman might be a good choice for a gift card or a shopping trip together if her size has recently changed or if she needs work clothes.

9. Casablanca Vintage

Casablanca Vintage is another wonderful vintage shop, but this one specialized in clothing and accessories.

Does your mom love a certain era, or enjoy attending themed parties? If so, Casablanca Vintage could be a goldmine for you. You’ll have a hard time picking out just one or two things.

vintage-gold-heel-and clutch-casablanca-cincinnati

Most of the collection ranges from the 1920s-1990s, but there is some antique clothing from the late 1800s sprinkled in. Time for a treasure hunt!

10. Talk of the Town

If you’re determined to find that perfect peace for vintage-loving Mom, then make sure you check out Talk of the Town, too.

Here you’ll find thousands of pieces of vintage clothing and accessories. There are reproductions from several eras and hidden gem costumes. Take a visit to the quaint community of Reading and check out Talk of the Town Boutique.

11. Toko Baru

Toko Baru in the Clifton Gaslight District is an amazing mix of metaphysical and sentimental. You’ll find Tarot decks and crystals, but you’ll also find cute socks and gorgeous jewelry.

scarves for Mothers Day Toko Baru boutique in Cincinnati
I know it’s stereotypical to give Mom some lotion or soap, but I honestly love the candles and skincare products! If your mama genuinely enjoys all natural bath products, there is a large selection here.
This is also a perfect place to shop for the new mom. There are tons of baby items, including clothing, books, plushies, and more.

12. Indigo Hippo

If Mom is an artist and always needing new art supplies, Indigo Hippo could be the place to shop.

art supplies at indigo hippo art boutique in cincinnati

Indigo Hippo is a non-profit self-described art supply thrift store. They are super unique because of their pay-what-you-can pricing.
Wouldn’t it be fun to surprise Mom with a day of art?

Find a bunch of art supplies and invite her over for an art day on Mother’s Day!

13. Silk Road Textiles

Is your mother crafty and always signing up for art classes? Please, I beg of you, register her for one of the workshops at Silk Road Textiles!

You can always buy her art supplies, but why not give her an experience? There are several beginners classes including knitting and quilting, among other workshops. It would mean even more if you went with her!

Your Favorite Boutique in Cincinnati

No matter what your mom’s personality is, this list of 13 Unique Boutiques in Cincinnati will make Mother’s Day unforgettable.
Have you ever been to any of these shops? Each one of them is so unique, that once you do, you’ll find one that you love and go back to again and again.
What are your Mother’s Day plans? Let us know in the comments, and remember to Shop Local Cincinnati!
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