About Us

About Us

AllAboutCincinnati.com is working on becoming your go-to resource for finding the best of Cincinnati’s locally-owned businesses, events and attractions.  We’re working closely with small businesses to get you the best discounts too.  We’re going the extra mile for ya!

The Mission

The mission for AllAboutCincinnati.com is to strengthen our communities by connecting our neighbors with each other, through local events and by encouraging Queen City residents to shop locally-owned businesses.

How We Help Our Community

AllAboutCincinnati.com is currently helping local residents with the CARES Act rent and utility assistance program.  

 AllAboutCincinnati.com is eager to help the residents of Cincinnati.  If you know of a local, true non-profit agency that goes above and beyond, we’d love to write about them on the blog or help in some way.  Please email angel@allaboutcincinnati.com.

Behind The Scenes

Get to know the Founder of AllAboutCincinnati.com

Hi, I'm Angel!

I’ve lived in Cincinnati my entire life.  I went to school here (Fairview Elementary and Walnut Hills High School), worked here, played here, raised my four children here…so, yeah, I know this city pretty well.  The kids are grown and on their own now, so I started blogging back in 2016.  From there, I started helping other bloggers build successful blogs, and have evolved my skills into a full-blown digital marketing guru.

AllAboutCincinnati.com is my third blog, and was born out of my obsession with finding great deals, my love for helping people and my knowledge of Cincinnati.  I can’t wait to share some of the coolest places in town, and hopefully make you fall in love with Cincinnati, too.  

angel strunk cincy

On a personal note, here are 10 things not everyone knows about me:

  1. I have a Black Lab/Rottweiler mix named Romeo that has tremendous “puppy power”.
  2. I don’t eat fish or seafood (except canned tuna)
  3. I love doing yardwork, especially pulling weeds.
  4. I believe EVERYONE has a super power (even you!) and intuition is the key to finding it.
  5. I secretly think I’m a little bit psychic.
  6. I think people that litter suck.
  7. I am a recovering addict. (I’ve been clean since March 26, 2016 – Woohoo!)
  8. I am a widow.
  9. I listen to Offspring’s “Road Rage” or Lincoln Park’s “One Step Closer” when I want to bang my head.
  10. I really hope you love my website!

I’d love to get to know you better too, so feel free to shoot me an email at angel@allaboutcincinnati.com or visit the AllAboutCincinnati.com Facebook Page.  Let me know a bit about you or what you’d like to see featured on the AllAboutCincinnati.com blog.

Enjoy your time here and I hope you’ll come back again and again – because we’re always adding new stuff.  Don’t forget to join the 513 Tribe here, so you don’t miss anything awesome.

Thanks for visiting AllAboutCincinnati.com!

What Do You Love About Cincinnati?

Reach out and let me know what you love about Cincinnati and your favorite spots around town.  If you know of a unique hidden gem in the Queen City that you want to see featured on our blog, fill out the form, and I’ll check it out.